Vintage 1961 Pittsburgh Bus Destination Roll Sign Mylar  - Price: $250.00
- Description : Original and hard to find vintage 1961 Pittsburgh Bus Destination Roll Sign. Stamped on the top white space by
the Hunter Illuminated Sign Company of Flushing New York on March 6, 1961, as may be seen in one of the photos. Made of mylar
material. Contains 7 destinations. Measures a total of just over 6 feet long, end to end, and 30 3/4 inches wide. There is a tear in
the New Kensington destination, and a couple of very small pinholes below, likely from a previous handler not properly rolling and
storing the roll sign, as is evident from the wrinkles, but it is still a very nice displayable roll sign. Some darker areas are age fading,
some darker areas are dirt that may be removed, but as some collectors prefer this to be untouched, we leave this to the next
owner to decide.
Brooklyn Bus Route Designation New York City Plastic Sign -- Price: $60.00
-- Description : New York City Bus Stop sign from the New York City bus system. The sign designates name of the bus route, this
one from a Brooklyn route. This sign originally purchased from an antique store. Made of Plastic. Measures about 14 1/2 inches by
6 inches. Crack in plastic at part where sign would hang from a pole can be seen in photos, but does not affect blue portion of sign.
Vintage Cleveland Transit Train or Bus Reward Sign -- Price: SOLD
-- Description : Original decommissioned train or bus sign from the Cleveland Transit system. Made of aluminum. Measures 14
3/8 inches by 9 1/8 inches.
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