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-- Item Name: Vintage 1988 New York Subway Train Car Builder Plate St. Louis Car Co. Sumitomo  -- Price: SOLD
-- Description : Original Builder Plate from a retired New York Subway Car. Made of stainless steel. Measures 9" by 2 1/2".
-- Item Name: 1989 New York Subway Equipment Builder Plate Sign Budd Morrison Knudsen  -- Price: $75.00
-- Description : 1989 NY Subway Car Equipment Builder Plate. Likely removed from an R-32 series subway car.Car number 3435
is etched on the back of the plate, likely from the time of the car's rebuilding. Made of stainless steel. Measures 8 7/8" by 2 1/2".
-- Item Name: Vintage Flxible Company Bus Builder Plate Front Nose Emblem  -- Price: SOLD
-- Description :
ginal Flxible Company Bus Builder Plate Nose Emblem. Made of heavy metal. Measures 18 1/2 by 6 inches at its longest points.
-- Item Name: ACF-Brill Trolley-Bus Builder Plate  -- Price: $100.00
-- Description :
The Brill Corporation and American Car & Foundry Motors Co. were merged by vote of the directors at a specially called board
meeting in July 1944, forming the ACF-Brill Motors Co. All trolley coach production was centered at the Brill plant in Philadelphia.
During the World War II many a significiant number of orders were received from the overloaded trainsit companies all around the
country and the serial trolley coach production was started in May 1945 with seven coaches for Des Moines Railway Co. The
post-war design was called TC-44 and it was very similar to pre-war 44-SMT model, the main difference was a sloped front
windshield to reduce a night glare. At total, between May 1945 and May 1947, 375 trolley coaches of this design were built not only
for U.S. operators but also for Ankara, Turkey. During these two years the design of TC-44 models was improved, the canvas roof
was changed to metal on the last deliveries, but the fully revised model with the same name was introduced in 1947; 310 coaches
of second seried were built until July 1948.
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